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The biggest set of DNA Tools is in MyHeritage
Wednesday, June 26
The biggest set of DNA Tools is in MyHeritage  (DNA SIG)
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Round Rock Library, 216 E Main Street, Round Rock, TX 78664 Room B
The biggest set of 
DNA Tools is in MyHeritage
Alan Rabe will review the DNA tools available in MyHeritage. 
They have the largest set of tools and include the following:
DNA matches can be sorted by Most recent, Full Name, Largest segment, Shared segments.
In addition to searching your list, these Filters are available: Theory of Family Relativity, Smart Matches, Shared surname, Shared place, Has family tree, Relationships, Country location, and Ethnicities
Your entire list of matches can be exported, or just those with shared DNA segments.
Lastly three additional tools are available: Chromosome browser for multiple kits, Autoclusters, and an Ethnicities map.  
You can open a free MyHeritage account and your Ancestry DNA can be transferred into MyHeritage for free. Receiving DNA Matches and contacting them is free and unlimited. Unlocking additional DNA features (Chromosome Browser, Ethnicity Estimate, Shared ancestral places, and more) costs an extra fee.

Family Search-Puzzilla, Relative Finder
Saturday, June 29
Family Search-Puzzilla, Relative Finder  (WCGS University)
9:30 am to 11:30 am
Round Rock Library, 216 E Main Street, Round Rock, TX 78664 Room B
Family Search-Puzzilla, Relative Finder
Presented and explained by
Alan Rabe
Because FamilySearch has opened their interface to other programs,  every well-known genealogy program interfaces with FamilySearch—now even Family Tree Maker.  A 3rd party program called Puzzilla, allows you to quickly see all your ancestors in a condensed tree and then pick any one of them and see all their descendants.  There are also games you can play using data automatically populated from your family tree.  Also a more detailed discussion of sources and the merging process.  Live demos and time for questions.
About Puzzilla.org
Research Patterns in FamilyTree Collateral Lines.
The Puzzilla Descendants Viewer is a combination of free basic services plus subscription premium services that help researchers see descendants in FamilyTree using compact symbols that reveal patterns of incomplete research and other work in collateral-lines.

Thursday, July 18
"AncestryDNA® ThruLines™ and MyHeritageDNA Theory of Family Relativity™: Combining DNA, Trees, and R  (Monthly Meetings)
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Round Rock Library, 216 E Main Street, Round Rock, TX 78664 Room A
"AncestryDNA® ThruLines™ and MyHeritageDNA Theory of Family Relativity™:
Combining DNA, Trees, and Records to Generate New Clues"
In this lecture we will explore these new features, comparing and contrasting how they work, and examples of how they may be used in your own family research.
About Seth:
He is a software engineer by day, with a history of working with satellites, medical machine learning, and supporting other developers that use the cloud.
Seth enjoys genealogy in his free time, having worked on actually documenting the lore passed down in his family over the last ten years, and being a research assistant for Cari since 2001.

Ancestry Workshop, Part I: Getting Started
Saturday, July 27
Ancestry Workshop, Part I: Getting Started  (Annual Seminar)
9:30 am to 11:30 am
Ancestry Workshop
Part I: Getting Started
In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn the basics of Ancestry.
Whether you haven't begun your research, only have your work on paper, or already have a tree on another site or piece of software, you'll learn how to build a tree on Ancestry.com, attach sources and photos, and share your work with family.
Bring your laptop or tablet and your family information and we'll work together to get you started! 
About Sarah:
Sarah Kroh is a native Texan and holds a BA in History. Genealogy combines many of her interests and she tries to keep storytelling, research, and organization at the heart of every tree she builds.