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Ancestry Workshop, Part II: Beyond the Basics
Saturday, August 24
Ancestry Workshop, Part II: Beyond the Basics  (WCGS University)
9:30 am to 11:30 am
Round Rock Library, 216 E Main Street, Round Rock, TX 78664 Room B
Ancestry Workshop,
Part II: Beyond the Basics 

Already have a tree on Ancestry but want to take your work to the next level? This workshop will show you how you can make the best use of Ancestry's resources and tools to take your tree beyond a list of names, dates and locations. Learn how to collaborate with relatives, organize your tree for a more focused approach, search the databases when you run out of hints, attach external sources, and avoid red herrings. Bring your Ancestry tree and all of your questions!
About Sarah Kroh
Sarah Kroh is a native Texan and holds a BA in History. Genealogy combines many of her interests and she tries to keep storytelling, research, and organization at the heart of every tree she builds.

GEDmatch Genesis Tour
Wednesday, August 28
GEDmatch Genesis Tour  (DNA SIG)
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
GEDmatch Genesis Tour

Cari Taplin will lead a GEDmatch Genesis Tour.

We will look at GEDmatch’s new layout, tools, and features including opting in/out of law enforcement access, and discuss any questions the group has.

Quaker Records
Thursday, September 19
Quaker Records  (Monthly Meetings)
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Round Rock Library, 216 E Main Street, Round Rock, TX 78664 Room A
Quaker Records 
Presented by Cindy Foreman
Using examples from her own ancestry, Cindy Foreman will describe how to search records of the Religious Society of Friends.  By 1700 the Society gained considerable influence in most of the New England and middle-Atlantic colonies.  For example, in 1679 they had governmental control of New Jersey.  They formed half the population of Newport in 1700.  As you research your family history into New England, you will undoubtedly find some of your ancestors were Quakers.  Cindy will teach us how to become friends with the records of the Friends.