Williamson County (TX) Genealogical Society

Our Mission

The purpose of the Williamson County Genealogical Society is to create and foster an interest in genealogy and to aid individuals in their genealogical research and compiling their family histories. To further this aim, the Society is dedicated to: gathering and preserving genealogical and historical data; maintaining a genealogical research library through purchases, contributions, donations and exchanges of books, periodicals, microfilm and electronic media; publishing a monthly newsletter titled "The Roundup" and a quarterly periodical titled The Chisholm Trail; and by offering educational opportunities in the form of lectures, classes, and seminars.

Operating Year: January - December 2017

Elected Officers
President: Sara Gredler
Vice President/Education: Carolyn Gresham
Treasurer: Ellen Welker
Recording Secretary: Judy Belle Horick
Corresponding Sec/Newsletter: Carol Joiner
Asst Secretary/Treasurer: Shirley Villoni
Librarian: Jacquie Wilson
Appointed Officers
"The Chisholm Trail" Editor: Karen Matheson
Society Sales: Gaylon Powell
Historian: Inez Eppright
Hospitality Chair: Dee Sanchez
Membership: Patrice Scheier
Parliamentarian: Don Welker
Pioneer Certificate Chair: Becky Broadbent
Publicity Chair: Charlene Geren
Seminar Chair: Carolyn Cobb
Website Coordinator : Mrs. Rebecca Lyon
Special Interest Groups
DNA SIG Chair: Sara Gredler
NGSQ Study Group Chair: Sara Gredler