Williamson County (TX) Genealogical Society



Williamson County Genealogical Society wants to become your destination
when you need help with your genealogical research.
On this page you will find individuals (WCGS Members) that are ready and willing to help you with your genealogical research. 
  • Some are professional genealogists
  • And others are experienced researchers.
  • Some may charge for their services while others may not. 
  • But all are willing to put themselves out to help you!
Feel free to contact any of these researchers and
put their expertise to use solving your brick walls!

Rebecca Broadbent


Rebecca Broadbent has been fascinated by family history her entire life.  Even as a child she preferred to sit around the table and listen to adults tell stories over playing with other kids.  Rebecca has been actively researching her own family history for 17 years.  
Rebecca has served as a Board Member for the Williamson County Genealogical Society for 14 years, serving as the Vice President/Program Chair, Membership Chair, Historian, Pioneer Certificates Chair, and Seminar Committee Member.   She has also been a genealogical speaker for more than 10 years.  Rebecca served as the Director of the Round Rock Family History Center from 2009 to 2015.  
Rebecca can help with:
  • Basic Genealogical Research
  • Advanced Genealogical Research Techniques
  • United States Research
  • English Research
  • Italian Research
  • Mexican Research
  • Using the Family Search website and products
  • Creating and Building Family Trees on ancestry.com


Cari A. Taplin, CG

Bio: Cari holds the Certified Genealogist® credential and has served in a wide variety of volunteer and leadership positions for state, local, and national societies. She currently serves on the boards of the Association for Professional Genealogists and the Federation of Genealogical Societies. As the owner of GenealogyPANTS, she provides speaking, research, and consultation services.


Research services include:
  • DNA analysis including locating biological family for adoptees or unknown parentage cases
  • Documentary research for lineage society applications
  • Preparing basic family trees for those just getting started and have done no previous research
  • Difficult research problems or so-called “brick walls”
  • Researching immigrant ancestors and getting them “across the pond” (identifying homelands)
  • Forensic genealogy research for heir-tracing on cases such as estate settlements, oil and gas, and other projects
  • Document look-ups in local repositories including the Texas State Library and Archives, Dolph Briscoe Center, and others.
Please visit my website for more information: www.genealogypants.com
Contact me at: cat.taplin@gmail.com

Jacquie Wilson, MLS
Jacquie Wilson is a librarian, genealogist, and historian. She served as the Williamson County Genealogical Society’s Librarian from 2014-2017. Previously, she was on the Austin Genealogical Society’s Board of Directors (2011-2013) as Recording Secretary and 2nd Vice President/Program Chair.  
Jacquie has been researching her family history for over 40 years. She has worked for the National Archives for over 25 years, both in Washington, D.C. and at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library, in Austin. She volunteered at the Round Rock Public Library as the Genealogy Advisor (2011-2017) where she aided both experienced and novice family history researchers. She taught “Introduction to Genealogy” classes, as well as, chaired the Genealogy Brick Wall Special Interest Group. Currently, she is a genealogy consultant.
Jacquie holds a B.A. in Historical Studies from Stockton University and a Master of Library Science degree from Texas Woman’s University.
Services include:
  • Tracing Ancestry
  • Lineage Society Help
  • Researching Descendants of Particular Ancestors
  • Searching Records
  • Instructing and Lecturing on Genealogical Topics
  • Scanning Photos and Documents
  • Consultation on Research Problems
  • Computerizing Genealogical Information
Jacquie can be reached at: jdwilson62@gmail.com

John Marostsica
One way or another, John has spent the majority of his adult life serving others. 
Professionally, his jobs have been in the service industry helping people solve technical problems. 
Privately, he has devoted a lot of his time working with genealogical societies like Austin Genealogical Society and Williamson County Genealogical Society, serving on Educational Committees and on the Board of Directors of several from time-to-time.
As founder of the Austin Genealogy Special Interest Group (AustinGenSIG), a 10+ year old organization that promotes the network approach of genealogical education, he strives to help people stay on top of the ever-expanding field of genealogical research. 
He has volunteered at the Austin History Center, the Austin Public Library (currently) and currently teaches two Genealogy classes ("Track your Family Tree") a month at the Milwood branch of the Austin Public library and an Excel class at the downtown location.
Currently he is the Technical Coordinator for Lifetime Learning Institute and has taught the Genealogy Research Workshop class series for the last several years.
He also serves on the Board of Directors at Williamson County Genealogical Society as President and is their Educational Chairman.
In a nutshell, John’s passion is sharing want he knows by teaching others; and learning from them in the process. Everyone has something to share!
He can help with:
  • Computers and programs
  • Files and Data
  • Working with pictures, text and files on the internet
  • Scanning techniques
  • Family Trees 
  • Photographing, on location or in-house.
  • Research strategy, techniques or advice. 
I can also offer research assistance and help locating and obtaining records onsight at courthouses, libraries or other record repositories.  
Contact me at: John.Marostica@gmail.com
or call me at (512) 294-1999
And remember, I can come to you if that's easier!

And aside form strict genealogical reaearch, some members may be able to help other with things, like:
  • Technical assistance with genealogical programs
  • Help with computers and programs 
  • Getting Started or Building out a Family Tree (Local In-Person Assistance)
  • Help with organization of files and data
  • willing to look up local documents,
  • take photos of a local graves,
  • give advice on research, or
  • help learn a genealogy website,
  • Other acts of genealogical kindness…
If you are not sure what help you need, 

The Williamson County Genealogical Society has among its members genealogists who offer their services for payment. For the convenience of those seeking help with their family history, the Society lists here the names and contact information of such researchers. You may contact them for research rates and more information. WCGS does not endorse these researchers, nor will we mediate any disputations.