Williamson County (TX) Genealogical Society
That First Trip to the Courthouse
If there is one home truth in genealogy research, it's this: not everything is available online.  Sooner or later, every genealogist has got to make that first trip to the courthouse to check out the original records available there.  How to prepare for that trip, the rules of the road, what to expect, what to ask for, and how to be sure you'll be welcomed back the next time are explored in this lecture.
When Worlds Collide: Resolving Conflicts in Genealogical Records
The Genealogical Proof Standard says to resolve conflicts in data... but like so many things that sound good, it's easier said than done.  What exactly are we supposed to do when we encounter conflicting evidence?  What are the basic types of evidence conflicts and the methods - and tips and tricks - we can use to resolve them?
Revelers, Hogkillers and Disobedient Children: Early State Laws
The laws our ancestors lived by tell their own story of life in earlier times, and early state laws from every part of the nation tell the stories of Blue Laws, wild animals and children needing humbling.
No Vitals? No Problem! - Building a Family through Circumstantial Evidence
When there's no birth, marriage or death record, what's a genealogist to do? Learn how to use circumstantial evidence to build a family.